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Our Approach

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Gathering ,[object Object], and Goals image
Gathering Customer Wishes and Goals

In this first step, we thoroughly analyze our customers' requirements and goals. We place special emphasis on understanding the exact needs and expectations to develop a tailored solution.

Creating a Detailed ,[object Object] image
Creating a Detailed Execution Plan

After the requirements analysis, we create a comprehensive execution plan. This plan defines individual tasks, resources, timeframes, and responsibilities to ensure a smooth project.

Visual ,[object Object], and Design Templates image
Visual Conceptualization and Design Templates

Here, we begin with the visual design and conceptualization of the solution. We develop design templates that reflect the desired aesthetics and user experience.

Implementation of the Solution image
Implementation of the Solution

After approving the design templates, we proceed with the actual development of the software. Our experienced developers implement the planned functions and features while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive ,[object Object], and Testing image
Comprehensive Error Checking and Testing

Quality assurance is a central step in our process. We conduct comprehensive tests to ensure that the software functions flawlessly. This includes functional tests, user tests, and security tests.

Deployment of the Solution image
Deployment of the Solution

Once the solution has been successfully tested and all requirements are met, we prepare the software for deployment. This may involve configuring servers, databases, and other necessary components.

Support and ,[object Object] image
Support and Maintenance

Our work doesn't end with deployment. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for smooth software operation, as well as quick adjustments and issue resolution.

Who We Are

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Image Jurij Koch
Jurij Koch
Full-Stack Developer
Image Femke Schmidt
Femke Schmidt
Front-End Developer
UX/UI Designer
Image Nima Chizari
Nima Chizari
Full-Stack Developer
Image Haikel Zaghdoudi
Haikel Zaghdoudi
UX/UI Designer
Media Designer
Image Nedim Ferchichi
Nedim Ferchichi
Data Analyst
SEO Specialist
Image Lenny
Image masked Lenny
Office Dog

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