Cemetery Wayfinder

4 days
1 employee
Web App

Initial Situation

The current scenario involves a need for comprehensive information about cemeteries that is relevant in the context of a death. This includes details about locations, services, burial options, and other pertinent information that can assist families and loved ones in planning and organizing a funeral.


The aim of the Cemetery Wayfinder is to serve as a comprehensive source of information, enabling families and loved ones to quickly and easily access relevant details about cemeteries. The objective is to address the needs and requirements associated with a death, thereby facilitating and supporting the funeral planning process.


The Cemetery Wayfinder will be implemented by compiling and providing detailed information about cemeteries. This could involve the development of a digital platform, a mobile application, or an online portal, providing users with user-friendly access to the required information. The information will be continuously updated and expanded to ensure that users always have access to current and relevant data. Additionally, features such as search functions, map integrations, and filter options will enhance the user experience and improve efficiency in searching for cemetery information.

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